Renewed Focus + New Look = T.evenire Stationery Boutique

Yay!!! I am excited to announce that T.evenire has renewed our vision and has decided to the focus exclusively on designing Beautiful Stationery. I absolutely love planning wedding and working with brides to create their Beautiful day.  But Life+work balance interrupted my plans.

Designing my client's love story in print is truly my passion.  From the budget conscience to the affluent, my designs capture the personality of sender.

The  new site is live and what better day to announce the news than My Daddy's Birthday!!

The site will offer new designs and tips, tools + techniques videos.

Please help me spread the work and  click on the like button on my site.

Living Out Loud!

Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

The color of the year is.....

{Radiant Orchid}

In the designing world Radiant Orchid ~ Pantone Color # 18-3224.

This is one of my favorite colors and is going to be a fun designing year.  

I've designed Stationery using this color as a main color as well as an accent.  

Stay tuned to see me design in color!

Baby It's Cold Outside {Homemade Soup Recipe}


November is here and the temperature is dropping.  Cold season hit our house yesterday.  So... It's time to get my refrigerator prepared for the cold season.  An oldie but goodie from my blog. {My Mom's homemade soup {April 2013}}  

I have always wondered why my grandmother had sooo many mason jars in her kitchen. Well, I accidentally found out the mason jar secret.  I thought they were just cute drinking jars, you know the perfect addition with a cute straw {{{{NO!!!}}} They are the perfect canning/preserving and in the case of the soup, PERFECT for storing hot liquids.  After I finish cooking my soup I pour the soup in the jars.  The beauty of the jar is that it vacuum seals the foods!!! Love this!! Our oldest daughter once warmed her Mason Jar Homemade Soup in the microwave {disclaimer ~ not sure if the jar is microwave safe} and enjoyed her soup at school later that morning. 

Check out my link for the soup and tell me what you think.


Imperfection is Beautiful!

Today let's stop trying to meet others expectations by trying to live the perfect life. 

Just live! 

My life is far from perfect but it's BEAUTIFUL because I share it with the people iLove. iLive out loud as a form of glorifying God.  He has blessed me beyond words. My words are a testimony that I survived the storm!!! 

You can too. 1st step is to know God... and know that He will give you beauty for your ashes.  ~Isaiah 61:1-3


I am Live on YouTube {Teras Smith-Smith}

Yay!!! I am SUPER excited to announce that my YouTube Channel is LIVE!!!

This channel will offer you the opportunity to see me in action.  I will be showing you step by step instructions of how I complete my DIY projects from sewing to painting to basic invitation design/creation to touring my space.  I love transforming my house into a home as well as all things girly.  This channel will be based on my life, both personally and professional.  

I'm excited to share my world with you, please subscribe and check back often to see what I'm up to next!

Free Motif Winners ~ iLove Tevenire

By now many of you have been receiving personal phone calls from me thanking you for attending the bridal show.  During this call I give you special instructions on how to redeem your

{ FREE!!! }
  Custom Designed Wedding Motif 

Here's how I received your information...

Remember this? 
 Thank you for entering and showing me love!

Please sign up to follow this blog and to receive other information from me!

See ya!

Tuesday Tunes ~ Get Up {Tasha Cobbs}

iLove....Love....Love this song!!!


 "Get Up"

Oh oh oh oooh wo oh [x6]

Let the Kingdom of God rise
Oh oh oh oooh wo oh [x8]

It’s the place of Authority,
It’s the place of Dominion

(Get up, Get up, Get up) [x4]

Let the Kingdom of God rise
Oh oh oh oooh wo oh [x4]

It’s the place of Authority,
It’s the place of Dominion

(Get up, Get up, Get up) [x4]

Let the Kingdom of God rise
Oh oh oh oooh wo oh [x4]

Born to be mine, got to be strong
be who He called you to be
Born to be mine, got to be strong
be who He called you to be, walk in your liberty

Arise take your authority… Get up

Be who He called you to be… Arise
Claim your authority… Get up [x3]

Be who He called you to be

Claim your authority… Get up [x3]

Oh oh oh oooh wo oh [repeat]

For more information please visit 


I Heart Tevenire Winners

Yesterday we participated in the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta Bridal Show.  During the show we hosted an on-site social media party and each participant was given the opportunity to win FREE stationery. We had such an AMAZING turn out and instead of 1 winner  today we will revealing 3 winners!!

Winner of the BeABride Door Prize
 11 x 17 Seating Chart

Winners of the On-site Drawing
{Kelly Singwest}

Hashtag Winners 

{Hellocupcake27 + her bestie}


Please contact me at
to redeem your FREE Stationery!!!

If you didn't win...don't give up yet!!
 I have decided to give another
FREE Stationery item tomorrow!!!

Soo.. Hurry Like us on Facebook
{Tevenire Event Planning}

Hashtag us on...
Twitter,  Instagram
#ihearttevenire #tevenire

See ya!

CustomMade Love Etsy Boutique

YAY!!! I am soooo excited to announce my CustomMade Love  Etsy Boutique.   

This is online etsy boutique for my budget conscious clients.   iStarted my little shop because of my love for design. It is my heart's desire to design stationery not based on budget but my passion for creativity.   If you are a DIY'er,  want to be hands on or just desire budget friendly stationery...Then my shop is for you!

My shop will offer the following types of stationery:  

♥  DIY Designs {iDesign and you print it! }

♥ Instant Downloadable {iDesign the Template and you print it! }

I will also offer supplies such as..

♥  ATG Tape Guns  

♥  Cardstock  

♥  Ribbons  

♥  Pockets  

♥  DIY Stationery Kits  

Even though I have opened my little Etsy shop.  My love for Custom Designing Invitations will not change.  I am just making my designs affordable to all.  

See ya in my shop!


DIY Flower Pens

My Roses are Pink
The sky is blue
My Roses have ink
And I want to share this DIY with you!
I am not a flower person, but I love the look of pink roses in my boutique.  And I am always looking for a pen. So...I came up with the idea of designing Flower Pen Bouquets for my boutique.

Click on the video below for step by step instruction
on how to make Beautiful Flower Pens. 


Introducing CustomMade Love

We are proud to announce that our Stationery Line has grown so much until I have designed a website exclusively dedicated to my love for Custom Designing Invitation, Programs, Announcements and Stationery to compliment your celebration.   
Please check out our site for more details.

See ya!

T.evenire Cooks ~ My Mom's Homemade Soup

Growing up my mom was not much of cooker from scratch. My mom is a box kinda cooker. You a box, cook/warm then serve. Surprisingly, it was not because she couldn't cook. She is actually a good cook. There a 2 dishes that my mom has mastered...Gumbo & Homemade Beef Vegetable Soup. Gumbo I love and honestly have never tried to cook.

But Soup...Yes ma'am I make it quite often. Anytime one of the kids or my husband has the sniffles soup can be found on the stove simmering.

Today I decided to share my Mom's Beef Vegetable Soup Recipe.

Here's my disclaimer...I do not use traditional measurements because I was taught to cook this soup in the Martha Stewart Pot that she bought me for Christmas. Also, this soup can be seasoned to your family's taste buds.  This is how I prepare the soup for my family. 

Here goes...

Package of Stew Meat {chop into small squares}
4 Cubes of Beef Bouillon
1 onion
1 can of tomato paste {small}
1 can on tomato sauce {small}
1 small handful of uncooked pasta {optional}
1 palm of uncooked rice {optional}
1 package of frozen mixed vegetables {Walmart brand is my favorite}

Bring to boil a large pot of water, add finely chopped onions and stew meat. Bring to boil about 30 minutes, taste the meat to ensure the meat is tender. Add more water. Stir in tomato paste then tomato sauce. Add your frozen vegetables. Bring to boil again for about 1 hr check often add water as needed. Once the soup cooks down to your desire thickness season to taste. Reduce heat add rice/pasta cook until rice/pasta is tender.

Serve Hot and Enjoy!

{Pictured is my favorite soup served on my favorite dish set}


T.evenire ~ Things iLove

i'Ve Found the best headset ever!!! I have 2 cellphones and it's a struggle to talk hands free. I've tried many headset before, but I love this headset because it works on 2 phones simultaneously. It also has the ability to play music. Love it!!


The Love Tour {Morehouse College}

iHave been married to my husband for 13+ years and honestly we have been through good, great, bad and AWFUL times. But that's just the trials of marriage. In an effort to keep the fire burning in the midst of raising 4 kids, church obligations, running 2 successful businesses, we have set out to reclaim our alone time by introducing {The Love Tour} to our life. It started out as a simple weekend away from kids, work and to focus on each other. It is now an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING time where we tour various cities, restaurants, venues and hotels. We have fun exploring unfamiliar places together. It's truly a {Love Tour}. Here's a peek when we visited Morehouse College during their Founder's Day Celebration. They hosted a concert featuring Avery Sunshine & Eric Benet.


{Me + Him}


{A-V-E-R-Y Sunshine!!!}
I love her!!!!


Thank you for stopping by Keystrokes! This blog has been my hearts desire and I'm grateful for your presence. Here you will find information pertaining to life's special moments via family + business. As a mother of 4 and a stationery designer, my life work balance has been a work in progress. However, I have successfully guided 2 out of the mommy nest. {{ YAY!!}} With 2 very active tweens, I feel busier than with the 4.

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